Tax Preparation

Don’t understand your taxes and have questions? 

Marie and Ashley attend numerous continuing education seminars per year to ensure we can answer your questions with confidence. 

We offer a year round tax service and prepare your tax returns for electronic submission to federal and all states including individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, and estates.


2016 Organizer (Applicable for all Clients)

2016 Organizer (Small Business & Self Employed)

2016 Organizer (Rental Properties)

2016 Organizer (Farm income & expenses)

2016 Organizer (Partnership & S Corp)

2016 Organizer (Estate or Trust)

2016 Organizer (Pension & Retirement)

2016 Organizer (Foreign Earned Income)

2016 Organizer (Office In Home)

2016 Organizer (Employee Business Expenses)

Year Round Tax Services for Individuals, Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships and Estates